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How to maintain the shutter doors
May 20, 2017

Electric shutter doors in the opening and closing process, should have the function of the bit with the stop, there should be no stop and continue to decline phenomenon, such as the occurrence of a decline in the distance of more than 50mm situation should be immediately on the shutter doors control appliances and rolling door brake to carefully check Repair, run normally. Roller shutter curtain and rust parts, should be regular anti-corrosion, paint and maintenance treatment, prohibit the use of heavy objects, hard impact of the facade. When the shutter door is running, if there is a big jitter or abnormal sound, it should stop checking and remove the debris that obstructs the normal opening and closing of the curtain. The upper limit position of the electric shutter door bottom beam must be kept at a distance greater than 200mm from the lower end of the bearing frame to ensure that the brake does not catch up.


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