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Introduction to industrial doors and safety tips
Jun 05, 2017

Industrial doors for enterprises commonly used facilities for large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines enterprises for opening speed, insulation, sound insulation, sealing, wind and other requirements of the relatively high industry. Especially the larger openings, inconvenience to install the ground door of the place to play a convenient, fast opening effect.

Industrial doors are divided into: industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, manual / electric sliding doors, fast shutter doors and other types of industrial shutter doors produced area of 65-70 square meters within the wind resistance capacity of 10. Industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high lift, while the electric sliding door is divided from the middle to both sides of the horizontal switch or one-way switch two. The choice of which type of industrial door will depend on the analysis of the specific situation and development requirements of your workplace, and the design of each industrial door has unique characteristics and advantages. Larger areas of the door also have hangar doors, folding doors and other types.

safety warning

1, please ensure that the door is running well, no stuck; only in the installation of a balanced spring, a good balance on the door to install the door machine, otherwise it may cause the door machine overload damage; installation, you must ask the professional installation personnel to check and installation.

2, installation and wiring must be in accordance with the construction standards and electrical standards, diameter ≧ 1.5mm2; power cord must be connected to the ground socket, to prohibit the removal of the power cord grounding lead.

3, the end of the door rails should be installed mechanical limit device or buffer booster to prevent the door slide out.

4, quick release handle only for professional installation, maintenance of the door when the operation of the use, and only in the door has been closed

Lock, no weight down the risk of falling circumstances in order to get rid of this wrench. Do not release this wrench during operation.

5, the control box should be installed in the door to observe the operation of the place, prohibit the door can not see the operation of the remote control device.

6, please control the box fixed to 1.4 meters high from the wall to prevent children inadvertently touch. While keeping a good remote control, prohibit children to touch or play to prevent the occurrence of danger.

7, before repairing and moving the door opener, please cut off the power supply, and should ensure that the door has been locked, no heavy risk of falling under the circumstances.

8, in the door when the operation is strictly prohibited pedestrians, vehicles from the bottom of the body through or below the door to stay.

9, not in the electric open, close the door when pulling the manual chain.

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