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High Sealing Performance Of Industrial Door Equipment
Sep 18, 2017

Industrial door equipment for enterprises commonly used facilities, applicable to large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines for the opening speed, insulation, sound insulation, sealing, wind and other requirements of a relatively high industry. Especially the large openings, Industrial Door Equipment inconvenient installation of the ground door body of the place to facilitate, fast opening role.

Industrial door equipment is also called industrial upgrading doors, Industrial Door Equipment industrial sliding doors, etc., industrial upgrading doors by a series of door panels (common for metal or cloth materials, etc.), along the track rise, Industrial Door Equipment by torsion spring system or counterweight system to ensure the balance of the door body, track system of automatic garage door quotation and promotion of different ways to adapt to different buildings, a variety of colors to choose from. Its main characteristics:

(1) Safe and reliable, stable operation: As a result of the use of the whole frame structure to ensure that the door load-bearing hollow garage door structure of safety and overall smooth operation;

(2) Suqian fast door occupies the top space less, easy to decorate;

(3) The noise is small, airtight performance is high, beautiful, Industrial Door Equipment the door body is lighter;

(4) The operating system can be equipped with button control, remote control operation, automatic operation, infrared protection system;

(5) The infrared sensor device installed on both sides of the door body, Industrial Door Equipment even if forcibly opening the door body, when the person or object enters the door, the infra-red induction device immediately start, continue to alarm

(6) Sensitive automatic alarm device, whether using any tool illegally push, pry door body will immediately start the alarm.

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