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Industrial Doors Are Safe And Reliable
Jun 15, 2017

Industrial door equipment for enterprises commonly used facilities for commercial facade, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or residential. Especially the larger openings, inconvenience to install the ground door of the place to play a convenient, Industrial Door Equipment fast opening effect.

Industrial door equipment is divided into: industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, manual / electric sliding doors, fast shutter doors and other types of industrial shutter doors produced area of 65-70 square meters within the wind resistance capacity of 10. Industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high lift, while the electric sliding door from the middle to both sides of the horizontal switch. What kind of industrial door equipment to use will depend on the analysis of the specific situation and development requirements of your workplace, and the design of each industrial door equipment has unique characteristics and advantages. Industrial Door Equipment Larger areas of the door also have hangar doors, folding doors and other types. The following to use the most common two kinds of industrial door equipment: industrial shutter doors and industrial doors to introduce its main features:

Product principle

Curtain material: the use of double high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusion molding.

Surface treatment: classic powder coating process, which is characterized by strong durability, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, do not fade, easy to maintain, long as new.

Scope: for high-end factory in the external door.

Operating principle: the multi-joint activities of the door in series together, Industrial Door Equipment fixed in the guide rail, the top of the door as the center of the scroll up and down.

Driving principle: with a special motor to drive the central axis of the roller rotation, to the shutter switch, when the motor set to the upper and lower limits automatically stop.


Safe and reliable, smooth operation: the use of the overall frame structure to ensure the safety of the door load-bearing structure and the overall operation of a smooth;

Occupy the top space less, easy to arrange;

Low noise, high sealing performance, beautiful, lighter door;

The operating system can be equipped with button control, remote operation, Industrial Door Equipment fully automatic operation, infrared security protection system;

Infrared sensor device installed on both sides of the door, even if forced to open the door, when people or objects into the door, the infrared sensor device immediately start, continuous alarm.

Sensitive automatic alarm device, regardless of the use of any tool to push the illegal, Industrial Door Equipment pry the door will immediately start the alarm.

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