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Rapid Prototyping Equipment Features
Jul 13, 2017

The rapid prototyping device comprises: a feeding device; an injection molding head; a driving device, a lifting platform, a control device, the feeding device comprises a clamping device on which a plurality of raw material rods with different colors are arranged; A feed rod for pushing the material rod into the forming head; the injection molding head comprising a material storage chamber; a heating member; Rigid Fast Rolling Door forming Equipment a temperature sensor, wherein the temperature sensor is a temperature sensor, The rotation of the feed device, the temperature control of the heating element and the action of the propulsion device are controlled by the control device.

Rapid prototyping equipment Summary: Rapid prototyping machine system is more mature SLA, SLS, Rigid Fast Rolling Door forming Equipment LOM and FDM and other methods. In this paper, we will introduce these methods into several aspects: molding materials, parts performance, main use, method characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and research units.

SLA (light curing molding method) Forming material: liquid photosensitive resin;

Part of the performance: the equivalent of engineering plastics or wax mold;

Main use: high-precision plastic parts, casting wax mold, sample or model.

The characteristics of the method: high precision, good surface quality, Rigid Fast Rolling Door forming Equipment raw material utilization rate of nearly 100%, can form a particularly complex shape (such as hollow parts), especially fine (such as jewelry, handicrafts, etc.) parts. The disadvantage is that the equipment prices are relatively expensive.


1, the system is stable. Rigid Fast Rolling Door forming Equipment Once the system starts to work, the whole process of building parts is fully automated and does not require special care until the entire process is over.

2, high dimensional accuracy, to ensure that the workpiece size accuracy within 0.1mm.

3, the surface quality is better, the top of the workpiece surface is very smooth, the side may have uneven steps and different levels of uneven surface.

4, the system resolution is high, so it can build complex structure of the workpiece.

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