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The Characteristics Of Thermal Shutter Doors
Jun 02, 2017

Precautions for the use of insulation curtain doors

First, the doors of the insulation shutter doors are forbidden to contact with acid and alkali items, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment in order to prevent corrosion.

Second, the insulation shutter doors of the parts to be regularly checked, and the need for timely refueling to ensure smooth, to ensure the normal use of thermal shutter doors.

Third, the insulation shutter under the door is prohibited to put heavy objects, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment hard objects, to ensure that the insulation shutter doors work properly.

Fourth, the thermal shutter doors through the wind and sun, but also need maintenance, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment so the need for regular corrosion, rust.

Characteristics of thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation shutter doors

In general, the heat transfer coefficient of the thermal shutter doors is greater than that of the same direction, the same area of the external wall heat transfer coefficient, therefore, the heating energy consumption increases with the increase of the proportion of the insulation curtain wall. In the lighting and ventilation allowable conditions, the control of the proportion of ceramic thermal shutter doors and walls than set thermal insulation shutter doors and insulation shutter doors more effective, that is, thermal insulation shutter wall area smaller than the design, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment

the smaller the heat loss, energy saving effect good. The heat loss is also related to the orientation of the outer window, the solar radiation intensity and the sunshine rate in the south and north directions, Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment and the solar radiation heat obtained by the thermal shutter doors. In the "civil building energy efficiency design standards (heating residential building part)", although the window area ratio and orientation to do a selective provision, but should also be combined with the specific circumstances of the appropriate adjustments. There are experts in view: taking into account the living room in the north when the lighting needs of the south and north of the insulation shutter doors and walls of the area than the optional 0.3; taking into account the current situation of some tower-style residential, east and west to the insulation curtain wall area ratio 0.35 ; Heat Insulation Rolling Door Equipment Taking into account the south to appear more opportunities for thermal shutter doors, south to the thermal insulation shutter wall area ratio of 0.45. Although this increases the area of the south-facing thermal shutter doors, it can take full advantage of the radiant heat of solar energy to reduce heating energy consumption and achieve both bright and clean vision and no waste of energy.

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